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     Brand new interview with Greg here on Artist PR website: Click Here!!

       The "Born To Win" Album is still being 
mixed and on its way.  Most of these songs can be previewed on Greg's Sound Cloud page under 'Greg Gomes Music'.

        Greg has released his new Album "Above The Clouds" to iTunes, and Spotify.  Also *the "Born To Win" single is now available for download at iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, and other outlets.
        The single Release of "Give Me Peace" is now for sale on Cd Baby, iTunes, and Amazon and Youtube Video.

    Greg was part of a sizzle reel that screened at The Indie Night Film Festival at Manns Chinese Theatre 3 Times to a full house.
     Greg's Band The GGB played Downtown Los Angeles 5 times producing their new concert promo video "The GGB Live Concert Teaser". The band was asked to play "The Overflow Show' 3 times headlining on            Friday nights to crowds of 300 people.

     Greg had the starring role in a music video for the band 'Uniform Standard'. The song is called "Let Me Show You".  Greg plays a bad-ass bouncer kicking out patrons one by one while he lays the
ground work for a pretty girl. The Video is now on Youtube. Click the link below.


         Greg Gomes is an Actor / Musician. Born in Hudson, New York and growing up in Springfield, New Jersey with time spent in Phoenix and Los Angeles collectively. Greg is a graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he received his degree in acting and performing arts. "The college gave me a solid foundation in acting and performing arts.  It was very challenging and I worked really hard there." At the Academy Greg nurtured his unique singing voice and became seriously invested in his songwriting. Greg is the leader of The Greg Gomes Band - a High Energy Alt Rock Band here in La.  He sings, plays guitar, and writes all the material for his band.  He believes music is the ultimate mood changer and wants to inspire through his art for years to come. With regards to acting, he believes movies are pieces of history in time and is dedicated to finding projects with a strong message and artistic integrity.  An acting highlight is Greg's Youtube trending video "John Galt's Speech" with over 65,000-views. In 2010 Greg released his debut Ep "The Holy Shit EP" to iTunes under The Greg Gomes Band. In 2016 Greg released his 8 song album "Above The Clouds" to iTunes and Spotify. His other new album "Born To Win" is in the final stages. In January 16' Greg released his his single "Give Me Peace" to iTunes and to Youtube with a new video. His next single "Born To Win" is available right now on iTunes. "Born To Win" is an exciting New Stadium Anthem that's destined to be played at all sporting events for years to come - Check it out. Joining Greg on "Born To Win" and more songs on the Born To Win Album are Pros Lee Burkhart on Bass and G.W. Pope III on Drums. Follow Greg here, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for updates on his career and ongoings. Contact Greg at the 'Contact' button here on this page to discuss possible roles or to book his band. Thank you for discovering Greg's site and have a great day.

                                                Watch Greg's Gangster Reel 



                                           Watch Greg Gomes As "John Galt".
                                                   90,000 views on Youtube*



                                                                                            NEW NEW NEW !


    Listen to Songs from Greg's Album "Above The Clouds" - (click above link) and download them on *iTunes

    and preview songs from his forthcoming Album "Born To Win" on SoundCloud under "Greg Gomes Music".
                        You can preview the Songs by clicking on the Logo.
          "Born To Win" single is now available to download at             
                                                        Click on the pic!




                                                               "Above The Clouds" Album is now on iTunes. Click on Pic.



                                                Watch the New 2016 YouTube Video for "Give Me Peace"  *Click on pic


                                     Greg Gomes Facebook Page

                                          Greg Gomes Twitter  @GregGomes


                                     Greg Gomes Instagram:   thegomes_1



                                     Watch The GGB perform " Inside Out" Live at Molly Malone's:




                                               Watch Greg's 2010-2012 Reel


                                                     Watch The GGB  Live Concert Promo:


                                            NEW! Watch Greg play a badass bouncer in
                                              "Let Me Show You" by Uniform Standard:


Watch A Scene From "Deal Break" 2006




                                                                 Greg Gomes Imdb Page



                         n                                                                Listen to "Inside Out"


                                                  The GGB "The Holy Shit EP" now on itunes** 
                                                                    5 Songs -Pick it up. 

                                        "This EP is better than Prozac."  -Jennifer Zenax  LAweekly

Greg named the ep in the theory that when you 
                        heard it you would say "Holy Shit! - Why haven't I heard of these guys yet??" ...

                                                                  Buy "The Holy Shit EP" on *** ***                           

                                                                        Here is "Inside Out" Live Video 
                                                                            From Molly Malones LA


                                              The GGB (The Greg Gomes Band) Live Clip 2010





                                                Here's "Your Only One" Live at Molly Malone's!


                                                                                    2005-2006 Demo Reel



                   Acting Resume

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